Natashi Kovshovoy 29.

+7 (499) 390-03-82

+7 (929) 926-59-69


    How to find us

    From the metro station "Ozernaya"

    From the railway station to "Ochakovo"

    • Walk 600 m. down the Nikulinskaya street to Natasha Kovshova street

    • Further to the right along Natasha Kovshova street to the house No. 29.
    • Once you exit  the station turn right and walk along Natasha Kovshova street to the house No. 29.

    We go and go to the hostel "Pioneer" (Natasha Kovshova str., 29)

































































































    After the turnstile turn right and go to the end of the underpass. Then the stairs (on the left, it will be the only one that leads to the street) rise to the surface. For reference: there will be a bus stop ahead. To the right is a blue plastic fence. Also visible is a large pointer, which indicates the movement on the street. Natasha Kovshova – forward. Go to the sign along the blue fence.


    Here is the intersection with the yard road, where you need to turn right (for reference: right – Playground). We go on this road to the end of a five-storey house (house number 5) - visible on the left - before the branching of the road immediately after the garbage cans (garbage collection site) and then move along the leftmost path.


    We go straight to the intersection with the Big Ochakovskaya street. Landmark: across the street from the store "Pyaterochka". We pass the road to the store "Pyaterochka". We're almost there.


    Near the school turn left, go along the metal fence.


    Here it is – the path after branching. We go along the five-storey building (house № 45 copra.1, he left, right – another Playground).


    We reach the end of the fence and turn right, go already between two metal fences. Before You left twelve-storey house – our finish – Natasha Kovshova street, d. 29.


    We go from the center in the last car to the metro station Ozernaya. According to the sign we go up the stairs to the streets of Nikulinskaya and Ozernaya.


    We go straight to the traffic light across the street Ozernaya, cross the street (landmark: across the road – shop "K&B") and continue to move directly past the store "K&B", along a large blue plastic fence so that it was on the left to the intersection with the yard road.

    Go past the "roundabout" (she was right). At the end of the house turn right.


    Turning right, we see a building with a round clock face. It's school. It is located next to the hostel. We go towards the school.


    At the end of the passage between the fences in front – corner of the house with a sign "Natasha Kovshova street, d. 29". Turn the corner, left. The nearest entrance is our hostel!


    WELCOME! Actually, it's longer to explain than to go!